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Media player program

There is no media player program packed in our program, for the reason of professional people do professional thing, we need a media player program from thirty party , in order to find the better media player program, wo do a test  , and make the report for you   .

Test enviroment:

Windows platform:

                            Intel i5 2420M, 8G DDR3, Intel graphics driver, 1000Mbps netwrok, SSD + 500gHDD, windows7 pro x64

Android platform: 

                            Mobile Phone: MTK cpu , 2g RAM and 16g ROM, android 5.0

                           TV-Box: Rockchip 3229, 2g RAM and 16g ROM, android 6.0

Server; XFile 2017.11.15

We call program by send url in windows system, and call application by send Intent in android system.

Test report

Program Link OS Http stream Ftp stream Result Rev
VLC https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Windows Yes Yes Good  
MPV https://mpv.io/  Windows Yes Yes Good  
MPC https://mpc-hc.org/ Windows Yes Yes

[Warning: MPC will download  Ftp file to disk for play, not pure network player]

Good [Http stream only]  
Kodi https://kodi.tv   Windows Yes Yes Good  
PotPlayer http://potplayer.daum.net Windows Yes

[Warning: PotPlayer will download Http file to disk for play, not pure network player]


 [Warning: PotPlayer will download  Ftp file to disk for play, not pure network player]

Miro http://www.getmiro.com Windows No No    
MPV https://mpv.io/ Android Yes Yes Good  
VLC https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Android Bug Bug   There is a bug in vlc for android over 2 years, that vlc will dismiss the pathfile striing post by intent.
MX playere http://mxplayer.net/   Android Yes No Good [Http stream only] Slow in begining






















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